About Us

Our Story :

The organization was started by some of the renowned social workers of Allahabad & Lucknow. The founding members of the organization have been working in this field for 4 to 10  years. The organization works for rural development, education development, farmer, agriculture program etc. The founding members decided to create an organization to work for social welfare.
" The conception for “A Y Foundation” was derived through the tireless effort of Mr Surendra Nath Yadav, the founder  & Chairman of A Y Foundation  and also a Retired Asst. Engineer from Avas Vikas Parishad Uttar Pradesh ,  Mr. Yadav’s philosophy is that social progress begins from the grass-root level; in order to bring about change, we must educate the children, encouraging them to then teach others through the power of education and social engagement. This will then create an indestructible ‘chain’ of social change. As a result of Mr. Yadav’s profound influence, we at the A Y Foundation have strived to be the next link in the “chain” of social progress. We would like to officially recognize Mr. Yadav’s profound influence and express our sincere gratitude. As a result, “A Y Foundation”, come into existence. "


* To establish any welfare project and to assist, affiliate and establish connections with other institutions having similar objects and/or help them in providing aid to the victims.

* To give financial aid or otherwise to individuals, agencies, trusts, relief organisations etc. dealing with calamities in any part of Uttar Pradesh.

* To incur expenses including educational scholarships, establishing educational institutions, health care centres, community centres, medical  assistance, assistance for humanitarian work, project financing and assistance aimed at humanitarian and social uplift as well as other welfare activities to improve the quality of life.

* To  provide for food, medicine, clothing, financial assistance and other needs to the victims of the calamity.

* Last but not the least, our aim is to give a lasting relief to people in distress and provide for their economic and social upliftment (and not necessarily an immediate/short term help for which most other relief organizations work for). Any immediate support required is being now provided through reliable NGOs known for their relief projects.

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