Considering very high level of child illiteracy the society has started with the help of the volunteers organizing boys & girl's education programmes on regular basis at District.

Considering the huge success in organizing these programmes the society has continuously been distributing necessary books free of cost to the participants of this programme.

The participants of this programme were benefited largely and the parents of the participating children were agreed to encourage others to join these programme aimed at welfare of the masses.

Further, the society has decided to establish a school in the area to cater to the educational needs of the local people Attempts are being made to Generate funds for the same purpose as and when she management finds it practical it will start working on the project.


Despite of so many claims made by the Government Authorities it is true that has not been possible to eradicate polio from the country Considering the responsibility the society organized camps of polio Vaccination & Drops of medicines in District. On this occasion a large number of children were vaccinated by the volunteers of the society.


The society organized a camp block of district on world environment day to discuss the impact of growing pollution on the human health and environment. The eminent speakers discussed (he factors lending to increase m ail types of pollution including water, air and sound pollution it was felt that there is need to speedup the process of removing old vehicles, reduce the use of plastics, compulsory use of effluent treatment plants by the industries and all other methods which can be helpful in reducing and controlling the pollution.

On the same day the society organized a programme comprising of painting contest and a debate on the issues concerning pollution. A number of students were participating Participants of different schools A! the end of the programme prizes were distributed among the winners of the contest.


Drinking Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Awareness Programme was organized by the society. The main aim of the society is to provides pure and clear water, so the wells, tube wells & ponds were cleared by the help of '.he members of the Society.

The members of the Society aware the public about water which they use and society also has been very active in the field of raising awareness about good sanitation facilities in the slum areas.

Lack of good sanitation facilities is curse for the majority of the urban population. Disproportionately increasing.

Population has made the situation more worse All the efforts made by the civic authorize have failed to achieve the targets. Targets. There is need for voluntary organization to come forward and help the civic authorities in providing sanitation facilities to more and more people.

Our Society has created various sanitation infrastructures during previous financial year and further it organized various cleanliness drives in various localities.

There was no other business to transact. Therefore the meeting was terminated with vote of thanks to chair.


Under the rural development programme of [he society the farmers of the two village of block of district wore informed about the method of scientific agriculture. On this occasion improved seeds were distributed free of cost among the villagers. Apart from this they were demonstrated the method of vermin compost.
Further the farmers were demonstrated the bio-dynamic manures and were encouraged to adapt the methods of non-organic farming


A programme on women & child labour was organized by the Society on Labour Day at District In this programme the volunteers aware the public about women/child labour and told them about labour act to the participants.


The society has donated to oldage care center and likes to aware the people about these centers and says to always tries to help these persons by several ways. The Society Organized a welfare programme for senior citizen. The members of society told about oldage homes and its benefits which helps our senior citizens and solved their problems, the programme was appreciated by the public.